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Leadership, medical, and work trips to areas in need around the world…

Building houses, feeding the hungry, funding a well, providing remote village schools with supplies…

Helping others realize and embrace their unique identity and purpose…
Training and equipping individuals to live a life beyond their dreams, while investing in the dreams and lives of others…

That’s EmpowerMe!

EmpowerMe is a nonprofit organization that desires to help individuals discover their true identity and live out their destiny! Through training, participation in various relief and aid trips and numerous other diverse opportunities, our goal is to empower individuals lives in such a way that they then impact the lives around them in their own cities and/or worldwide.

Founded by Dan and Renee Lenn, whose deep belief is that every single person has a purpose and sphere of influence, the focus of EmpowerMe is to assist others in not only clarifying and realizing their own unique purpose, but also to equip them with the knowledge to walk out those dreams and desires in their lives, while also reaching into the dreams and lives of others! Having served in ministry for 19 years, Dan and Renee have experience mentoring youth and adults, developing team building techniques and leading countless mission outreaches. Together, they have lead and served on over 50 mission/aid trips, both local and worldwide.

EmpowerMe came about as a result of them feeling that there was still more they could do. Each trip, outreach and event caused them to dream further, hope deeper and desire to share farther. From those dreams, hopes and desires, EmpowerMe was birthed.

More about Dan:

Growing up very self-conscious of a speech impediment and having endured teasing from a young age because of it, Dan taught himself to speak in such a way so as to purposely avoid using certain syllables. Nonetheless, he believed a lie that had been planted within his heart -that because of this imperfection, he could never have an impact on anyone - and as a result of that belief, he refrained from public speaking on any level. As a high school junior, his youth leaders encouraged him to step beyond his fears and insecurities and asked him to speak at a service. From that point on, the very thing he had seen as a weakness became a powerful strength. By the age of 18, Dan began to speak regularly and eventually spent another 18 years serving and empowering youth. To date, he has spoken to literally thousands of people, not only locally, but also in 12 countries on 5 continents. His burning desire is to reach into the often frightened hearts of people, equipping them to discover and unleash their own individual purpose and potential and recognize their true identity.

More about Renee:

From a young age, Renee had a passion for missions. Her first mission trip was to Mexico at the age of 11! She returned home knowing that missions would always be a part of her life. The passion and determination did not disintegrate as she grew from adolescent to teenager, and even continued to deepen as she became an adult. Thus far, she has taken 45 trips and led 35 teams all over the world, as well as directed and spoke at conferences, youth camps and both international and state side mission outreaches.

Dan and Renee were high school sweethearts and have been married since 2001. They have 4 daughters, are foster parents, and are father/mother figures to many! Both are committed to empowering those with whom they have contact, enabling each to discover their unique purpose and dream, and filling each with a hope and desire to make an impact in their world.

Their own hope and desire is to expand that commitment even further through their dream and of EmpowerMe!

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